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Conditions of use for the Web page

To the effects of the Law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, the Law on Services from the Information Society and E-Commerce, we do inform to the user that the owner of the Web page is Grupo Daniel Alonso, Avda. Conde de Guadalhorce, 57-59 33401 Avilés, Asturias (España) Tel. +34 985 560 090 Fax +34 985 567 285; with C.I.F./N.I.F. num. B-33599077.

The user engages to do a diligent use of the Web page and of the services being accessible from that one, and to not use the services or information contained on the Web page to develop activities against the laws, moral, good manners, the public order and, as a general rule, to do a use according to the present legal advise.

Grupo Daniel Alonso could interrupt temporally or definitively, according to its judgement, the access to the Web page, as well as to give any or all the services given through the said, at any moment, and without previous advise.

In case of commercial notifications by part of Grupo Daniel Alonso to their users, these will only take plane in case such users had previously given its express consent trough e-mail or by any other writing media.

Copyright rights

Grupo Daniel Alonso holds the Intellectual and Industrial copyrights of all the contents of this Web page. Anyhow, Grupo Daniel Alonso has the relevant authorization fie giving the use that considers convenient to its contents.

Its strongly forbidden the reproduction, except for private use, to made available to the public and, as a general rule, any other form of exploitation of all or part of the contents of this Web page, as well as of its design. These acts of exploitation only could be carried out under the specific authorization from Grupo Daniel Alonso and always making explicit reference to the owning of Grupo Daniel Alonso of such Copyright rights. In this sense, these people who want to establish a link or hyperlink between its Web page and this Web page, must ask the specific authorization, by writing, from Grupo Daniel Alonso, without that it implies a connexion between Grupo Daniel Alonso and the owner of the Web page on which the Web link is establish, nor the approval or acceptance by part of Grupo Daniel Alonso of its contents or services.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out, without the previous consent from Grupo Daniel Alonso, any manipulation or alteration of this Web page. Consequently, Grupo Daniel Alonso will not assume any derived responsibility, nor any that could be derived, from such alteration or manipulation by third parts.

Limit of the responsability

Throughout this Web page, Grupo Daniel Alonso provide with and give you access to data, programs, opinions, critics or informations, whatever be its origin, through your net or nets. Grupo Daniel Alonso doesn't guarantee the quality, accuracy, reliability, correction or morality on the contents above-mentioned; consequently, the user accepts expressly let to Grupo Daniel Alonso be free of any responsibility dealing with the above, and assume, under its sole responsibility, the consequences, damages or actions that could be derived from the access to such contents, as well as to its use, reproduction or diffusion.

Grupo Daniel Alonso declines any responsibility for damages and losses that origins the impossibility to give the services offered on its Web page, due to supposed fortuitous cases, Act of God or any other reasons not being attributed to Grupo Daniel Alonso. Also, we don’t assume any responsibility for the improper operation of our Web page, if all this obeys to maintenance tasks, to incidences that could affect the national or international operators, or to a poor configuration of the equipments of our customers and users, or to an insufficient capacity to keep the minimal computing systems that are required to be able to use this Web, or to incompatibilities with the computing systems of the users or clients.