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Fight against climate change: new policy born


GDA consciously recognizes its commitment with the environment and the fight against climate change. It is from this sense that the company’s Policy GD000616 against Climate Change was born.


Sustainability is right at the heart of Grupo Daniel Alonso. It is from this sense that the company’s policy against Climate Change was born.

One of the most important and obvious challenges that we must address and face today is climate change, which has greatly accelerated global warming of the planet, mainly due to the growth of greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels. For this reason, we have decided to establish the following statements:

1. To recognize the seriousness and magnitude of this situation and the risks and threats that this entails for society as a whole, as well as the benefits associated with addressing solutions to it.

2. To believe that a coordinated response is needed from governments, international organizations, society in general and of course companies, establishing concrete mitigation actions.

3. To want a contribution with the fulfillment of the climate objectives, in the growing framework of electrification of the global energy system.