Orlando Alonso Villarón, Presidente del Consejo de Administración del Grupo Daniel Alonso

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Orlando Alonso Villarón

Member of the Board of Directors of the Grupo Daniel Alonso, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer within the group. www.grupo-danielalonso.es

The Grupo Daniel Alonso, today develops activities in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. With consolidated experience in logistics management and collection of the final product, in the design and manufacture of pressure equipment and large metal structures within the petrochemical, energy, naval sector, in the integral treatment of steel from storage to assembly and distribution, getting to adapt as few to the needs of the industry, and managing to become a benchmark in the international market.

The mission of the Grupo Daniel Alonso Group, as well as the mission of each of the companies in its business network, is aimed at maintaining a sustainable and responsible growth over time, continuously improving as an entity, growing internally in new markets and expanding the needs of our current and future clients, maintaining our leadership in this sector at all times.

Executive President of Windar Renewables. www.windar-renovables.es

Orlando Alonso also heads one of the main companies that make up the group and leader in the manufacture of wind towers for wind turbines and offshore foundations, a position he holds up to now and which coincides with the stage of the company's international expansion.

Its continued development and technical know-how have made us a benchmark company ahead of the most important wind turbine manufacturers in the world.